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Aysha’s testimonial

Acupuncture, to be honest, was not one of my personal care priorities until I went to Dr. Li. I have now been a patient of Dr. Li’s for over 6 years now, and cannot emphasize enough how much he and his lovely wife have helped me.


I first came to Dr. Li for help with sciatica and IT band. The pain was so bad from both that I had problems sleeping at night and I could not run any more. Dr. Li dealt successfully with both of these, and I have been a regular ever since.


One of the best things about Dr. Li is that he addresses one’s condition from a whole body perspective – not only does he help with treating symptoms like pain or insomnia, but he also makes sure to advise on an overall healthy lifestyle. This includes diet, supplements/herbals, sleep, special stretches, and even telling you to stop exercising when necessary!


His expertise is also not limited to orthopedic problems or much-needed advice to balance one’s life. We now have a wonderful healthy baby thanks to his crucial help with our family’s health.


No one doctor is a miracle worker, and Dr. Li is the first to tell you exactly what he can do for you, proviing you comply with his treatment regimen. There are no false claims or extravagant promises – purely and simply superlative expertise and a genuine desire to help.


I am happy to recommend Dr. Li to anyone interested in living as healthy and happy of a life as possible.



Aysha Taff DVM, PhD, CVA

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