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Dr. Li Helped Our Family through Video Consultation during Pandemic Time

January 14, 2022

I have been going to Dr. Li for 10 years now. Myself and my family have seen him for many different things over these last 10 years and Dr Li has helped us with everything from post partum depression, hormonal issues, PCOS, sleep apnea, anxiety, depression and many other things. There are so many thing that he is able to help with, TCM is so wonderful because it works on the source of the problem in the body and heals from that point or source. Not just the masking of the problem with medication that is so common, now. Recently, due to the current world situation we have not been coming in for treatment, but Dr Li has offered video visits and we have done them over the last year. But as of recently I contracted Covid-19. I immediately called Dr Li and did a video call. He prepared my specialized herbs, I went and got them the same day and within 24 hours I was 75% better. No more fever, got my appetite back, and felt most of my energy. A week later my daughter got it. She started with a high fever, headache, aches, cough and no appetite, I immediately contacted Dr Li and did a video call with her. He prepared her specialized herbs, we went to get them the same day and again, in 24 hours, she was 90 percent better. No fever, no aches, no chills, only thing that remained was a small cough, but after she finished her herbs she has had no cough or anything. We have had a really good experience over last many years with Dr Li.

Gabrielle M.

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