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Video consultation during the pandemic time


Dr. Li is amazing, I started seeing Dr. Li in 2018 for Acupuncture after an accident involving a roof a ladder, and a shattered ankle in 2017. My western medical team just could not seem to get my pain under control and the medicine they had me taking had some serious side effects. Dr. Li with his magic needles had my pain under control in a few short months.  In October of 2020, I was experiencing severe Sciatic nerve pain and called Dr. Li to see if he could help.  Dr. Li was not seeing patients in person due to Covid, but he would like to see me over FaceTime.  We met on FaceTime and after some questions from Dr. Li and some bending exercises, Dr. Li thought some Chinese herbal medicine would help.  Over the next few months, Dr. Li prescribed a mixture of off-the-shelf Chinese herbs and some custom herbs he mixed himself.  We met weekly over FaceTime so Dr. Li could monitor my progress and tweak the herbs I was taking also showing me some stretches and exercises I could do that would help with my recovery. I would highly recommend Dr. Li to anyone needing help with medical issues that Western medicine just can’t seem to help with.

William G.

Woodland, CA

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