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Testimonial from Shakuntala D.

This may be useful to some friends. My knee problem has been ongoing for 3 years. I was asked to take pain killer medicine after arthroscopic surgery. I followed it until I visited Chinese Muslim acupuncture Dr. FATIMA near old Bhatbhateni in Kathmandu, Nepal. I was flying pain free after first visit. I visited her for 5 times in summer 2012. Here at Davis, CA, I visited Davis Community Acupuncture for 2 years. I started seeing Dr. Baoping Li at New Life Clinic, 1736 Picasso Ave, Davis phone 530 756 8802 after I hurt myself while volunteering at the temple. DR. Li is even amazing than Dr. FATIMA. I knew Dr. Li since 1998 as his wife Dr. Hong Yang worked together with my husband during late 1990s. Why I did not see you sooner? No answer from my side. Just sharing with friends who may benefit as well. A lot of Thanks to Dr. Li in the week of Thanksgiving.

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