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Liz’s Testimonial

Prior to seeing Dr. Li for acupuncture, I was constantly sick. I had pneumonia multiple times, and had so much anxiety that I couldn’t sleep well at night. I was constantly on antibiotics, but my cough still persisted. Dr. Li has a strong background in both Western and Eastern medicine; he is adept at designing treatment plans that do not interfere with, but enhance, treatments already begun using traditional methods. I was most impressed by Dr. Li’s individualized treatment program and his patience and respect towards me. After several months of treatment, I no longer have pneumonia or coughing; I’m off antibiotics; my anxiety is completely gone and I can sleep peacefully through the night. Dr. Li has helped to shift my outlook on my health from a very negative, wait for the problems to occur, to a very positive, preventative care approach.

Liz K.

Susan’s Testimonial

“Dr. Li was recommended to me by one his former patients. She told me she was once too weak to work, but after Dr. Li’s acupuncture treatments and herbs was able to return to her successful mid-size business where she now actively practices her profession. When Dr. Li’s former patient detected in me debilitating, unbalanced health symptoms, she suggested that I, too, see Dr. Li to help resolve my long-standing health problems that were pushing me to the brink of chronic fatigue and beyond (tumors, pre-skin cancer, other). Gradually over a period of 3 months or so, with Dr. Li’s treatments and herbs I began to regain my strength, began sleeping better than ever, my moods became more buoyant, my digestion problems were eased, and most importantly my tumors stabilized (they didn’t grow, as evidenced by CT and MRI scans).  

Had I not moved to another area of California, I know I would have continued treatment with Dr. Li and am so grateful for the jump start his treatments and herbs gave me in starting me back towards more optimal health.  Thank you, Dr. Li!”

– Susan P

Larry’s Testimonial

To Dr. Baoping Li’s Current and Prospective Patients:

When asked by Doctor’s staff to write a few words, I said a big yes! Here we go.

I have been a patient of Dr. Li since 2007. I have had excellent results from Dr. Li’s treatment. This was not the case prior to 2007. Most of my life I have gone to traditional health care professionals. I have been treated for acute sinuses since 1989, by an Ear, Nose, and Throat specialist. I experienced poor results. The treatment has been limited to: anti-antibiotics. In 2007, I was referred to Dr Li. The doctor I was seeing, as a last resort, proposed evasive surgery with a 50% success rate. I said no thank-you, I am going to try acupuncture.

When I began seeing Dr. Li, I experienced immediate results; favorable results. I saw it as nothing short of a miracle. Prior to 2007, I would get 4-5 sinus infections per year. I would lose on average, 12-15 days per year to recover enough to work. Since I have been seeing Dr. Li, I havenot had one sinus infection; I have not miss one day of work.

There are other success stories. I referred my friend Tom. He has a work related shoulder. After 4-6 months of physical therapy, without any improvement, do you know what his specialist suggested? Surgery. When Tom told me he was scheduled for shoulder surgery, I referred him to Dr. Li. After 2-4 weeks of treatment, Tom was pain free, with a 95% range of motion. In addition, he is off of prescription pain medication. There are others I have referred, with positive results.

I am not a medical person, but I believe acupuncture treats the causes, not the symptoms. I have read, 60% of surgeries, use diagnostic imagining as a tool to determine whether or not to recommend surgery. The problem with this diagnostic tool is; soft tissue injuries rarely show up; i.e. painful scar tissue that forms around the injury. This simply means, surgeries treat the symptoms while acupuncture or chiropractic treatment treat the causes. Again, I have no medical training. I am simply a consumer of both traditional medical care and alternative treatment. This is my experience as a non-medical professional. You must make your own decisions based on the best possible information available.

Today, I choose to spend my consumer dollars on alternative health care; i.e. acupuncture. I believe in acupuncture; I believe in Dr. Li. Why? It works; and it often times works quickly.

“Good night and good luck.”

Best wishes,

Larry Gapinski
Certified Life Coach

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