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Testimonial from Kimberly C.

I’m thrilled to have found Dr. Li! When I asked my dog’s veterinarian, Dr. Jodi Van Tine, DVM, MA, CVA, CVHM, who she’d recommend for acupuncture treatments for humans, she immediately and without hesitation stated Dr. Li was at the top of her list.
I’d been suffering from physical exhaustion for months and was unsuccessful in having the root cause properly diagnosed by the Western practitioners I’d been consulting. From the onset, Dr. Li was able to pinpoint through my pulse points, a weakness in my heart, and immediately began treatment.
When Dr. Li expressed concern about my traveling to Europe after only a few sessions, and suggested I postpone it, I visited my general practitioner to obtain a second opinion. He initially scoffed at my “Chinese Medicine” practitioner’s diagnosis, but his manner soon changed when my EKG results indicated something was drastically amiss. He immediately consulted a cardiologist who ordered a series of tests, and confessed he was unsure how Dr. Li had been able pinpoint the problem. Luckily the tests proved there weren’t any blockages, but my faith in and respect for Dr. Li rose exponentially.
As I’ve continued in Dr. Li’s care, my heart has become stronger and my energy levels have risen. I’m feeling better and more hopeful than I have in months. I’m no longer plagued with the need to take daily naps after minimal exertion or feel I just can’t get out of bed.
I’m incredibly grateful that I have found Dr. Li. He is not only an expert in the field of Chinese Medicine, but is a devoted, and caring professional who is committed to restoring his patients to optimal health.

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