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Testimonial from Kimberly C.

I’m thrilled to have found Dr. Li! When I asked my dog’s veterinarian, Dr. Jodi Van Tine, DVM, MA, CVA, CVHM, who she’d recommend for acupuncture treatments for humans, she immediately and without hesitation stated Dr. Li was at the top of her list.
I’d been suffering from physical exhaustion for months and was unsuccessful in having the root

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Aysha’s testimonial

Acupuncture, to be honest, was not one of my personal care priorities until I went to Dr. Li. I have now been a patient of Dr. Li’s for over 6 years now, and cannot emphasize enough how much he and his lovely wife have helped me.


I first came to Dr. Li for help with sciatica and IT band.

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Lynn’s Testimonial

Thank you Doctor Li. Once again you have come through for me. When I came in on April 16 I was dealing/suffering with a flare-up of rosacea. After my first treatment, within 2 hours, most of the burning was gone. After 5 treatments, over 2 weeks, all of my symptoms were greatly reduced or completely gone. TCM deals with this

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Liz’s Testimonial

Prior to seeing Dr. Li for acupuncture, I was constantly sick. I had pneumonia multiple times, and had so much anxiety that I couldn’t sleep well at night. I was constantly on antibiotics, but my cough still persisted. Dr. Li has a strong background in both Western and Eastern medicine; he is adept at designing treatment plans that do not

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